Coney Island after the Bumper Boats Rock climbing at Coney Island Amit won the Rock Climbing Coney Island with all our prizes - Winnie, Pooh and Choo (r 2 l) Lincoln Memorial. Washington with the Washington Memorial in the background Vietnam War Memorial Vietnam War Memorial Korean War Memorial Korean War Memorial Korean War Memorial Korean War Memorial go- carting (i was the slowest) bhaiya Neeti n Me at the Winter Garden The streets of Phialdelphiaaaaaaaaaaa The Kimmel Center, Phili Something at Prospect Park wine n cheese at Prospect Park I was smiling on his behalf too! Bhavesh and a reluctant Samara Chillin' out

Mmmmm, Amit the ju from ur hair tastes good.

why this snap was taken, God knows Happy Birthday Saira Biju and Saira's Apt Cheeseee (arzan's not so tall, he's standing on something) Thats a Giant wheel behind us in the Times Sq Toys'r'us Victor Cafe, The waiters sing opera at 15 minute intervals She sang well, food was great and she gave us drink n dessert complimentary ;-D

amit and vikrant

my fingers called me a sadistic sadist

Wash Memrl

Ladies n Gentlemen, the beautiful n smart............

Wash Mem.

Mr. Lincoln

Vietnam War Memorial


Broad Street, Phili

Phili steaks for lunch


lounging on the lawns

wait Saira, theres a mosquito

Times Sq, wasted snap