1000 postcards

A very interesting project

Architecture And The Mail

A project in collaboration between Jeannie Kim and Hunter Tura, The Architectural League of New York and 1000 designers and 1000 thinkers.

A Simple Proposal

We will produce a series of 1000 unique postcards, each depicting a single unpublished image from a relatively unknown designer, and we will send them to a selected group of 1000 influential architects, urbanists, academics, curators, journalists, and critics, who will have the opportunity to respond.

A Global Call for Images

Our hope is that we will receive images from all over the world and our plan is to randomly disseminate these images back out into a global context, making unlikely connections, and creating unforeseen acquaintanceships. While this is admittedly a utopian proposal, our aim is to connect fresh ideas with those individuals who contribute to the development of independent careers in architecture.

At the conclusion of the mailing, we will collect all 1000 images for a catalogue and an exhibition with comments from selected recipients.

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