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Senator puts India in F-22’s sights

    Dumbass Texas Senator equates India in the same breadth with Russia Iran Iraq and Afghanistan as areas of terror threats. This is the same f#$%ed politician who ran this campaign ad.    

Chris Matthews Smacks Down Birther Rep. Campbell; Makes Him Admit Obama is U.S. Citizen

If you think Indian politicians are scewed up, you ain’t seen anything yet. This is just one example of how fucked up American politicians can be. And he is not even the looniest of the lot. The only difference is that American politicos come in suits and ties and slick hair.

Customer Visits Verizon CEO’s Home, Gives Him A Taste Of No Privacy

    This is hilarious and appropriate medicine.    

Could India Become a Solar Leader? – Green Inc. Blog –

Source: greeninc.blogs.nytim…

Inquiry ordered into Kalam frisking at IGI airport

    I dont think that frisking an ex-President or any dignitary is wrong. If that person is travelling by a commercial airline and the rule is that all passengers be checked for security, then the rule was being followed. What is wrong in that.    

The woman who would be queen: Mayavati


Fox News’ Kilmeade: We “marry other species,” Finns “pure” – War Room –

    You guys think Rajdeep Sardesai and clan suck on TV… havent seen anything yet.

Fox News jackass Brian Kilmeade thinks that America has all these problems because “We keep marrying other species”.

As they would say in Bambaiya hindi…..”Ch#&$iye mar gaye, aur aulad chhod gaye”    

Architect Nari Gandhi: A Monograph

I am thrilled to inform you about the soon to be published Monograph on one of India’s foremost architects Nari Gandhi.

There is a personal connection here for me. The author of the monograph is Prof. H, Masud Taj my professor at Rizvi College of Architecture from 1992 to 1997,  and a dear friend.

This monograph is published and designed by Pranav Upasani, a fellow alumni from RCA and a good friend, and Prof. Y D Pitkar, a visiting faculty at RCA in the 90’s and a friend too.


Received via email from Pranav Upasani …

A Monograph on the works of Nari Gandhi | Urban Architecture India


R.E.M. Man on the Moon Live

Inspired by Kishore’s comment….