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2,300 IIPM students get jobs

This looks like another case of shoddy journalism. DNA India has a news article online that talks about IIPM, the pony-tailed Dean’s institute of questionable reputation. However on reading the article it appears to be an infomercial.

Wonder if this actually appeared in print, and if so in what manner.    

IIPM Crooks at It Again

Seems some people just don’t learn. Its been about a year and a half since the whole IIPM fiasco exploded on the Indian Blogosphere. IIPM was found out to be the crooked institute it is. However, they think that public memory is short and hence this advertisement in today’s DNA.

If you are wondering what this is about, read Gaurav Sabnis to know how it all started. And then hop on over to DesiPundit for the most extensive coverage. If you would like to know my thoughts go here.

And this is their latest ad. Surprising that their so called founder director has to publish his article as a paid advertisement. And of course you see ponytail baba there too.

Its a thumbnail. Click to see entire ad and read with clarity.

IIPM: Crooks At Work to Sanitize Image

Its that time of the year again, and it seems that the scumbag machinery is in stealth mode. Indian bloggers will remember October 10, 2005 as the day they came of age and stood up to a scumbag institution that forced a blogger to quit his job, all because to highlighted the truth. Gaurav Sabnis the blogger, and IIPM the scumbag institution.

A lot of venom was spewed, investigative journalism ensued, people expressed their opinions, and it made news in the international blogosphere.

DesiPundit, the clearinghouse for all blogs Indian, became the central rally point. The sustained campaign, made IIPM backtrack a little and their ludicrous claims in the press seemed to have subsided for a while. But just when u think that they would have learnt a lesson, they are back to their old tricks.

This is the season of results. Engineering results, HSC results, medical results, all results will be out in the month or two ahead. This is the time students start thinking about the next step in their professional and academic careers. IIPM puts big ads in newspapers and the students start believing them. But somewhere in the back of their minds they remember hearing something about the said institution. Checking old newspapers or their sites does not help because no mainstream media covered the story with the importance it needed. So the student turns to the biggest media of them all, the internet.

IIPM: Screws Up…Again !!

Dilip D’Souza has a great post on Death Ends Fun about scrupulous advertising by the favorite management instutute of the Indian Blogosphere.

Here is the ad he is talking about. Read his entire post for the whole dissection.

IIPM Ad in Hindustan Times

Petition IIPM Online

Please take a moment of your time to go and sign the online petition asking IIPM to stop its lies and bullying.

Sign Online Petition

IIPM: How International ?

Just three days ago, I posted about a call I placed to IIPM’s Toronto Research Center, Canada. You know what it turned out to be. DesiPundit carried the story, and I would have thought that IIPM would have removed the info from their website. But as of just now, it is still on there.

Toronto was not the only international center that IIPM has. According to their website they also have contacts in Belgium. It is at The International Management Institute listed as both in Antwerp and Brussels.

A quick call (bless technology and cheap calling cards!!) brought out some interesting facts.

On calling Antwerp, the operator at IMI directed my call to one Mr. Sanket.

I told him that I was calling to find out more about IIPM because they have advertised on their website that they have contacts in Antwerp and Brussels, and from the Toronto experience, I could not take them on their word. On enquiring on the nature of IIPM’s role in Belgium, he basically said that IMI awards degrees to students who graduate from IIPM. They have a monitoring committee which visits IIPM regularly and makes sure “standards” are met. I told him I was calling because of all the bad publicity in the press and the media, and asked him if he was aware. He said no….and sounded genuine.

He said that there are some exchange programs that happen from time to time. He could not offer more info and pointed me to IMI’s website.

I asked him about the recognition of degrees issued by IMI and whether these were issued by IMI directly or another larger institute like the Univ of Antwerp or some such. He said that IMI is recognized by the regional Flanders government, but the degrees are awarded by IMI. I did not further question him to elaborate what that was supposed to mean.

The IMI  website is very ambiguous. It does not give any detailed information about the courses offered. Their about us page lists four institutions with which they have academic collaborations. All four have websites which are equally dubious and ambiguous. And IMI’s research and publication pages prominently show books by ….who else but Arindam Chaudhari.

A little googling on IMI and its academic collaborators, makes one thing for sure. Academic institutions of dubious nature and veracity are not only India’s prerogative. They are all over the world. And sadly there are suckers everywhere who get duped into paying a hand and a foot for education that is not accredited.

Here and here is more on the web about IMI……all “ambiguous, feel good, dupe people, gimme your money,” kinda stuff.

My previous posts on this topic are here and here. DesiPundit’s constantly updating sticky is here, for the latest updates.

UPDATE # 1: Curious Gawker @ The Renegade of Junk follows the URL from the IMI site and has some really fascination analysis and discovery. Jump right there to catch the scoop

IIPM: What about the students

UPDATE # 1: This is a further update to my last post about the IIPM imbroglio.

As has been mentioned all over the blogosphere, the school basically screwed up. Its a perfect David v/s Goliath kinda deal. JAM is a small magazine and IIPM is the big kahuna.

Even though there are lawsuits involved, knowing Indian judiciary, half of the management on each side will be dancing with the Parmatma, by the time the courts reach a decision.

In all this, I feel really strongly about the students.

In discussing this issue with a friend, he brought a very pertinent point

“but these bloggers should try findng solutions for the guys studying here” 

“what i mean is trying to find constructive solution for people already in this soup”

I think that this is something that we as bloggers need to take up.

There have been a lot of commenters on Rashmi’s blog who claim to be students. Verifying that is nigh well impossible. And frankly I think they are more hired goons of the school than students themselves.

I can well imagine what it would mean to be a IIPM student at this point. Its like a “deer caught in the headlights” kinda situation. They are in the middle of this and nowhere to go.

The fight is against the institution and the director. But education is finally about the students. I think there needs to be a lot of constructive suggestions for the students. For what its worth, IIPM has enough clout and money to come out of this. Their business is to impart education and they will find more and more students chasing the MBA dream and doling out the lacs. The real harm is to those students who are currently there and will have a certain stigma attached to their resume at least for the near future.

Would an employer consider them favourably without bias when they go for their interview. How objective will the employer be, to interview the skills and talent of the graduate from that institution, without bringing an iota of bias into the decision making process, as to whether to hire the graduate or not.

The student body of the college has their hands tied in this. They are in a class Catch 22 situation. If they come out and accept publicly the shortcomings of their institution, they surely face retribution from the school. If the school can send legal notices to strangers linking to an article, what stops them from being vindictive on their own students.

On the other hand, if students support the management and stick with them, they end up with the short end of the stick. They get the stigma of being students and future graduates of a tainted institute.

It would be great if there was a sane united student voice out there, because they got to realize that they are the only losers in this. Not JAM, not IIPM, only them…the students.

For all its management education, IIPM has managed this horribly.

Any suggestions any one !!

IIPM: A web of (mis)management and deceit

This is another post in the “Its Fucked Up” categoryI asked him if there was IIPM presence in Toronto as claimed on their website and he said “nothing is there because nothing worked out and its not like what they say on their website”

It is with horror that I have been following the recent fiasco at some run of the mill management institute called IIPM.

It all started when a small magazine decided to do an expose. JAM Mag wrote

“You see the ads in the papers almost everyday. They claim to be one of the 10 best B-schools in India, and in some ‘fields’ even BETTER than the IIMs. We wanted to be doubly sure, so we did a little asking around, and here’s what we found out! There are many questions that come to mind when one glances at IIPM’s full page advertisements. Will it REALLY be beneficial to my career if I complete IIPM’s MBA program? Can all of these promises made be backed up by facts? And will I get a suitable return on my investment?

“The truth is out there” they say. And with that thought in mind, we went fact-finding.”

The editor of the magazine, and an regular blogger Rashmi Bansal has been hit hard on her blog with vile and vicious comments. How I wish I could get down to the level of those so called students and lambast them in their own language. Rashmi and her magazine have been issued legal notices.

Gaurav Sabnis a respected blogger linked to the article and blogged about it. Sadly with very dire consequences. Not only was he slammed with a legal notice to cease and desist from blogging about this topic, but he was asked to remove his posts by IIPM. Standing by his convictions, he has had a high price to pay. He resigned from his job at IBM because he believed in what he wrote and was amazingly decent not to get his employers in trouble. As he writes

The second thing dear to me is IBM’s well-being. IBM has been a good employer to me. I have no complaints about them. Even in light of these events, they did not pressurise me to go against my principles and hush the matter up. Yet, IBM was being dragged into this unnecessarily. It was being made a target of bizarre pressure tactics. If even one Thinkpad laptop was actually burnt, it would cause a lot of bad press and nuisance for IBM. So I did not want IBM’s well-being to be compromised in any way.

Hats off this man !! I dont know if I would have done the same thing in his place !! I probably would have, because i feel very strongly about what i write, and generally dont back off in a confrontation of this kind. I salute you Mr Sabnis. !!

Press Talk does a complete expose of the bullshit that IIPM dishes out in their advertisements.

Amit Varma has a very well balanced account of the whole fiasco.

DesiPundit has a sticky on their site and I would recommend you go there for the latest on this.

Kaps at Sambhar Mafia has issued a call to arms against the fake bloggers.

Internationally InstaPundit, and Global Voices Online write about it.

Lots of other bloggers have their say on it, just like I am doing here.

If you are a blogger, please write about this. Even posting a link to DesiPundit or linking to the indivudual bloggers will be great. If you are a reader protest about it by shooting an email to the “Dean” of the school Arindam Choudhari.

Here is the website of IIPM 

The website is registered to IIPM and the administrative contact is one Mr. A Sandeep.

Funnily the same

Here is their WHOIS info Domain Name: IIPM.EDU

Registrant: The Indian Institute of Planning & management C-10, Qutab Institutional Area New Delhi, Delhi 110016 INDIA

Contacts: Administrative Contact: A Sandeep Professor The Indian Institute of Planning & Management 24-B, DDA (MIG) FLATS, RAJOURI  GARDEN New Delhi, New Delhi 110027 INDIA 91-11-5194633

Technical Contact: Same as above


To further take this case, I called up the telephone number listed on their contact page for their IIPM’s Toronto Research Center, Canada; which is listed at The Indian Institute of Planning & Management; Suite 806; 150 Cosburn Avenue, Toronto: M4J2L9; CANADA Phone: +1-416-424-4649

All I get is a recorded message followed by a human voice speaking the seven digit number. What is this, a bucket shop ?? Does anyone familiar with Toronto know where this is ?

OK now this is big……

Just as I finished typing this sentence, my cell rings and a person by the name of Sanjeev calls back saying that I had called his telephone and he was returning the call. I said that I had called because this telephone number was posted on their site and I wanted to find out more about the institute. He categorically told me that they had nothing to do with IIPM. I asked him if there was IIPM presence in Toronto as claimed on their website and he said “nothing is there because nothing worked out and its not like what they say on their website”.

I now leave it to you to decide what’s going on !!

This just in

Curious Gawker informs us that the IIPM graduates have decided to burn their degrees in protest 🙂

Sweet Smell of Success: Arindam Chaudhari

This is a google cache copy of the article in The Caravan that appeared a few months ago. Our man Arindam has now sued Caravan and Google for over 50 crores in damange. Read below and make up your mind.

How Arindam Chaudhuri made a fortune off the aspirations—and insecurities—of India’s middle classes

A PHENOMENALLY WEALTHY INDIAN who excites hostility and suspicion is an unusual creature, a fish that has managed to muddy the waters it swims in. The glow of admiration lighting up the rich and the successful disperses before it reaches him, hinting that things have gone wrong somewhere. It suggests that beneath the sleek coating of luxury, deep under the sheen of power, there is a failure barely sensed by the man who owns that failure along with his expensive accoutrements. This was Arindam Chaudhuri’s situation when I first met him in 2007. He had achieved great wealth and prominence, partly by projecting an image of himself as wealthy and prominent. Yet somewhere along the way he had also created the opposite effect, which—in spite of his best efforts—had given him a reputation as a fraud, scamster and Johnny-come-lately.

Barkhagate: How Barkha Dutt Legally Bullies Her Way Out

In what can be deemed as a shameful act, Indian journalism or rather one network and one journalist sinks to another low.

Barkha Dutt….she of the screeching, shouting, TV soap opera fame has through her network sent a legal notice to Chyetanya Kunte, an Indian blogger.

During the terrorist attacks of 26/11 in Mumbai, Kunte wrote a blog post about shoddy journalism (now deleted) that targeted the shenanigans of Barkha Dutt. However the “internets” never forget and the post lives on here.

Kunte writes

If the terrorists don’t manage to shove you in to your private hell, the journalists on national television will certainly help you get there.

And that is a very valid point.

The Indian blogosphere is rightly disgusted.

Barkha Dutt tries to explain herself on this topic on Facebook.

Gaurav makes a fine point.

Can you imagine if what would have happened if any of the politicians had dared to sue NDTV for libel. Not only NDTV but everyone in English media would be crying fascism like it was Third Reich. This despite the fact that not only a politician has as much right to redressal as NDTV but also he probably has a stronger case for libel against Barkha Dutt (and English media) than Barkha Dutt has against Chyetanya.

Frankly, I think Barkha Dutt screwed up on this one. By unnecessarily making an issue where none exists, she has further lost credibility. This whole incident reminds me of IIPM-gate.

Am no legal eagle (unlike my sister…a real lawyer and all!) but what would happen if Kunte would ignore this notice and ask BD and NDTV to go take a walk?