A bad day for Dogs

I am not particularly fond of pets. Dogs, cats or otherwise. However the missus loves dogs and dotes on two dogs who are reared by her friend and her. The friend, Sakshi writes a very nice piece about what it means to have pets and how they inculcate a set of values in one’s life.

Just after I read her post, I came across this article that is sad at worst, and shocking at best.

A plan to crack down on pit bulls and Rottweilers — aimed at reducing the number of dog attacks — has mushroomed into a far more sweeping proposal that would require the spaying or neutering of most dogs in unincorporated areas of Los Angeles County.

About 1 million residents could be affected by the ordinance, which supervisors expect to revisit next month. […link…]

I find it really stupid that the government will indulge in a specturm of life that it has no business being in. Dog attacks can be harrowing and traumatic experiences, but the solution in a blanket neutering is in my mind a very demeaning solution. Hope the legislation does not go through and sense prevails.

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  1. Sakshi March 13, 2006

    Woof Woof….to you too !!! 🙂

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