A Tragedy called Buta Singh

This is the title of a recent op-ed by Khushwant Singh in the Afternoon Dispatch and Courier.

That Buta Singh is the quintessential politician in India is no secret. No controversey is enough for this politician. A man with no moral values and scruples, he is a man who will “shit in the same plate he eats from”.

As Khushwant Singh says

Whether Buta Singh is sacked or forced to resign the Governorship of Bihar, he will go down on record as a representative sample of politicising of our times: unprincipled, opportunist with no commitment to any political or moral principles.

According to me he is the human equivalent of the chameleon, one who changes skin and color regularly.

Khushwant continues

“…..He changed constituencies (reserved) to ensure success in elections. He changed colours and styles of tying his turbans as quickly as he changed he colour of his beard from one dyed jet black to snow-white. In his time he has been an Akali sympathizer as well as a Congressman. He supported Operation Blue Star, got the obesely fat Santa Singh Nihang to rebuild the Akalt Takht at government expense against the wishes of his community. He was declared a tankhaya and ostracised from the community; then he ditched Santa Singh, made an abject apology to the Panth and was readmitted to the community. He makes a show of visiting gurudwaras and makes sure he is seen in TV channels doing so. He had always been a supporter of the stronger side……”

I hope that the Supreme Court and the President make a good example and sack him, and once and for all put a permanent end to his political career.

And, NO, I dont agree with Khushwant’s first line.

Buta Singh could have found honourable mention in the history of contemporary India. What he lacked was commitment to principles and zameer..

There is nothing he has done which could make him an honourable person. Nothing.

UPDATE: A reader points me to this article on rediff that throws more light on this specimen of a politician [hat tip…sakshi ]