Adobe Desis

I’ve been using Adobe Photoshop since version 2.0 and now its at version 9.0. Same with Image Ready. Been using it since it started being bundled with Photoshop.

A very interesting feature I like about the software is that they display the names of all the developers on the frontpage, and I always make it a point to read the names everytime a new version comes out.

And I am always happy to see Indian names there.

Check out the Indians working on the latest version of Image Ready CS2 that came out earlier this year. 9 of the 19 names are Indian names !! Awesome.

Click on pic to see an enlarged version.

Even in the Photoshop CS2 marquee there are two Indian names, but point to note is that I have seen the name of Seetharaman Narayanan since the first version of Photoshop. Way to go pal. You have made my work life so much easier with this software. I thank you !!

Click on pic to see an enlarged version.



  1. Major quibble Arzan. The names you have highlighted are predominantly Hindu names. Some of the non-Hindu names could be desi as well. Additionally, there is thriving Chinese community in India, and their names can sound Chinese or South East Asian. There are also names like Jose Joseph something which could be -with great ease names of Mallu Syrians (Or even RCs actually.) Oh and Hindus can come from other places in the world than apna Desh.

    Just a thought. 🙂

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