Amazing Race 12 arrives in Mumbai

The Amazing Race 12 returns to Bombay in today’s episode. I am live blogging this as the episode is aired.

After landing at CST International Airport the contestants have to

  • Find the M. R. Naik newspaper stall in Khar Danda. Contestants reaching at night realize that the stall opens from 6 AM to 10 PM and so they all land up sleepingn on the benches. Finally the stall opens and they get their copy of the TOI which will have an ad that leads them to their next clue.
  • The TOI ad asks them to find their way to Chauhan Alteration Tailors at Saint Joseph Church Road, near A. B. Nair Road corner, Juhu. Once at the tailors they get their next clue.
  • At this point they reach a roadblock which consists of two tasks and teams are required to do just one. The first option is to paste movie posters on the walls of an “underpass” or what is commonly called in Bombay as Subway. The other task is threading garlands. The contestants find themselves at the Dadar Phool Bazaar where they have to create one full “haar”.
  • One of the teams has a penalty that takes them to a yoga guruji at Dariya Mahal where they have to complete a series of funky yoga poses before they can continue.
  • The poster sticking task was done by the teams with mixed results. The garland threading was an easy one.
  • However none of the teams were in for what was next. At Kabutarkhana they picked up a clue that needed them to ride a “cylinder-wallah” cycle and deliver 3 gas cylinders each to two different addresses. That was fun and I think a bizarre task if you are not from Mumbai. After delivering the cylinders they then need to find their way to Bandra Fort at Land’s End.

That is the end of this leg of the race.

The competitors were generally really competitive and though they cribbed a bit, that was the typical touristy gripes that people have with cities they visit the world over. The race ended with one of the closest finishes in a long time. It was great to see Mumbai on TV and from the eyes of foreigners. Here are some pics from the race.