Angrezi Mein Kehte Hain ki !!

“I can talk in english, i can walk in english, i can run in english….
because english is a phunny language”.
” Bhairon becomes Baron, and Baron becoms Bhairon,
because their mids are very narrow”

Remember this line from the classic Hindi movie of the 80’s…..Namak Halal

Reading Amardeep Singh’s post on “Indian/English” reminded me of that.

Amardeep writes…”Some of the words in the following list will be well-known. Others, I hope, will be surprises:

shampoo, pajamas, pundit, cashmere, veranda, pariah, thug, cummerbund, rattan, shawl, loot, punch, jungle, khaki, calico, cushy, dinghy, dungaree, juggernaut, bungalow, bandana, toddy, chintz”

Check out his blog for the full article.



  1. I LOVE that bit from Namak Halal. The timing of it is so well done… I accidentally tripped over it in Limeware one day and have it on my iPod now.

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