Arranged Marriages and 20/20

Just today there was a post about arranged marriage and marriage brokers by Sakshi on TEIO. She writes about the pressures that Indian women go through as they become of marriagable age. As much as it sounds cheesy…the phrase that comes to mind is “single and ready to mingle”. Nothwithstanding some really crass and crude commenters, she brings about a very interesting juxtaposition facing generation X in India today.

As an aside, I will not go into the whole controversey of how it is claimed that Sakshi has not been blogging because she has been spending time with marriage brokers .

Anyways, today I come across a very interesting press release by ABC for their 20/20 show. If you fit the bill, then write to them at their email ID below and you could find yourself on TV !!

ABC News, 20/20 is looking to profile individuals or couples who’ve had or are considering the modern-day version of arranged marriages in the South Asian community in the U.S. We plan to take a fresh look at this topic with an insightful perspective – taking the time to profile thoughtful individuals and couples who can lend a balanced view on this often-generalized and mischaracterized subject. We also aim to depict the many new forms this old tradition has taken on.

In order to tell this story effectively, we are looking for professional, articulate recently or about-to-be engaged couples who have gone to various sources to find each other for the specific purpose of getting married. It could have been through a set-up by mutual friends or family, a South Asian event for the purpose of meeting people for marriage, a matchmaker, or a newspaper / internet ad, or some other medium which produced a meeting for the specific purpose of determining if they were suitable for getting married. The ideal couple will have had only a brief period to get to know one another before making their decision to marry. And they would still be in the process of planning their wedding, ideally, with a wedding date before the end of 2006.

We are also interested in talking to singles who are looking to go one of the modern-day arranged marriage routes – or recently married couples who found their mates through one of these methods so as to get their perspectives and represent people in various stages of the process and from multiple perspectives.

The people we profile would have to be willing to be taped interacting with their partner or potential partners – and would eventually be interviewed by the correspondent.

If you or someone you know fits the bill, we’d like to hear your story.

Since one of the production team is a South Asian, we are sensitive to telling this story in a way that conveys the accurate picture of how this old tradition has taken on a new spin and which is true to life.

Feel free to contact us if you are interested in being profiled or have any questions in general.

E-mail us at: