AUGI, Beer and Expo ends Day 1 at AU 2007

The latter half of the first day was a loaded public affair at AU 2007. After the sessions and labs were over, the AUGI General meeting started. The AUGI president explained the accomplishments of AUGI over the last year. Notable amongst them was the starting of the AUGI India chapter.

The General Meeting ended with the handing over of the AUGI Wishlist of features to the Autodesk personnel.


Free complimentary beer mugs were handed out to members as they made their way down to the Annual AUGI Beer Bust and the opening of the Trade Show Exhibition.

The trade show here is a great setup with dozens of vendors having their stalls. However the actual layout was a bit confusing and there was need of a map to follow the movement from stall to stall 🙂


HP had a big presence and so did Autodesk, with multiple stations showcasing the new trends in various fields.

The evening ended with a long stroll down the strip.

More on the second day at AU 2007 later.

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