Ban The Shiv Sena

Seriously, this is one more entry in the “Now That’s Fucked Up” category. Every so often, you hear of the most ridiculous events and wonder how we educated smart people put up with trash like this.

The Shiv Sena, is a political party on one limb. With its erstwhile Tiger, now toothless and no new leaders of worth, the party supporters are just out to create a nuisance of themselves for no apparent reason.

Their latest gimmick is to ask all restaurants and shops that have the name Bombay in it to change it to Mumbai.

Shiv Sainiks have ensured that Bombay Blue restaurant at Center One, Vashi will soon be known as ‘Mumbai Blue’. Similarly, every other restaurant in the satellite city with the name Bombay in it will have to rename it to Mumbai within a month’s time. After the party workers broke into a Bombay Blue outlet at a mall in Santacruz and stuck a poster stating Mumbai over Bombay, Blue Foods group has decided to rename all its outlets to ‘Mumbai Blue’ by June 15. [link]

isn’t it enough that they ruined the name of the city and reverted it back, in a somewhat jingoistic nationalist fervour. How do we tolerate this. Personally, I think the restauranters should hire people to bash up the Shiv Sena jerks who come and attack restaurants. Thats the only way they will learn.

Or simply, ban the party, so that it becomes illegal and its wings are clipped.

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