Best Buy Gets its Own Rat

Spotted the friendly neighborhood “rat” outside of the Chelsea Best Buy yesterday. And today too !

However no protestors outside with placards and slogans and stuff.

I have no love for Best Buy and therefore dont mind their new “fan” outside their store.


However what is really interesting with this inflated balloon is that it is a perfectly Mobile Dissenting Machine (MDM….patented yo !)

Sitting on a truck, it can be driven to the next dissent site in a jiffy. If you want one outside your (or rather your employers place) just dial 1800-MOBILErat.

OK, I just so made that up. Slow news day and weather suck, so….

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  1. Mehernaaz May 7, 2009

    Hey, think its possible to ship that to Mumbai? I’d pay to have that outside my office!

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