Bomb Blasts Revisited

The London Bomb Blasts are a chilling reminder of the world we live in.

Terrorism is soon becoming an everyday buzzword. The western world has had a lot of attacks in the past few years, the mother of them all being 9/11.

Reading about the London bomb blasts brought back memories of that day March 12, 1993, twelve years ago when a series of such blasts struck all over bombay. Being in the city, I remember the panic it had caused and the unnecessary loss of life.

New York City immediately went on an “orange” alert. Cops are all around. But life goes on as normal. There is something about New York and I think Bombay too, that makes these cities take things in their stride and many a times act defiant to the point of being snobbish.

All in all not a very nice day for London. – Britain launches search for?bombers – Jul 7, 2005