Bombay: Cheapest City

Two months ago nVa pointed you to this Reader’s Digest Survey, that put Bombay as the rudest of the 36 cities surveyed. Much agitation ensued and people were rightly pissed off.

And now comes this other survey that puts Bombay as one of the cheapest cities.

Cheap, as a word in my teen years had a very different meaning. If someone called you cheap, means u were a miserly bastard.

But the article makes no such implication. If it did, I am sure the Shiv Sena would burn down the embassey of the country where the headquarters of the survey making company lies.

Oslo and London are the world’s most expensive cities, while Zurich and Geneva residents have the highest buying power, according to a report released on Wednesday.

Europe dominates the list of 71 cities compiled by Swiss bank UBS, while Asian cities — including Kuala Lumpur and Mumbai — are among the cheapest places to live, based on the cost of a basket of 122 goods and services……

……Workers in Asia also have the fewest vacation days, on average 12 per year, compared to a global 20 days.

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