Bootgate: Arnold Schwarznegger

Arnie boy is out in the open with his liking of boots.

His wife compares him to Imelda Marcos, she of the 10,000 pairs of shoes. So many shoes that there is a museum to display them. Here’s the wiki on Imelda.

Arnold’s confessions have raised a brouhaha in political circles with

“Last week political adversaries started questioning why an Austrian-born city dweller who spends more time on his private jet than on horseback should display such a passionate devotion to a macho symbol of the American west. Democrats in the state senate are hoping to turn the governor’s personal habits into a summer scandal. They are already joking about “Bootgate”. For one thing, they suspect the boots have been used to exaggerate the governor’s stature. More serious questions are also being asked about Schwarzenegger’s predilection for elaborately patterned footwear”

That just makes me realize, I am so far behind in the race. I need to get more shoes. Shoemania, here i come !!

Pic Courtesy TheArnoldFan

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