Burj Dubai: Top of the World

This picture is taken from an excess of 650 meters above ground level probably from the CCTV cam on the working platform or the tower crane. You can see the Persian Gulf and the Palm Deira taking shape in the top right portion (The Palm Jumeirah, Burj Al Arab hotel and Palm Jebel Ali would fall on the top left corner, although they cannot fit within this frame).

The concrete for the Burj Dubai has topped out, and the steel structure on the top is currently underway. The tower is expected to reach a height of over 800 m and would be ready for occupation by 31 December 2008.



  1. Hey Arzan:

    I was in Dubai a few weeks ago and happened to be staying right beneath the Burj. Every evening I would just walk up to the edge of the adjacent building (which is actually a hotel) and crane my neck and watch the building. Apparently, they are waiting for that tall building in China to declare its height so that they can go ahead and add those extra meters and declare it the world’s largest building!

    I must upload my video clips of Burj.

    Thanks for sharing this photo.


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