Carol Thatcher on Dementia

Via India Uncut, I came across a great article that speaks about the the downturn of human faculties and how the greatest minds in the world are reduced to a former shadow of themselves.

Lady Thatcher has had dementia for as long as eight years, a condition that meant that she needed to be reminded that her husband had died, according to the memoirs written by her daughter, Carol.

In her book, A Swim-On Part in the Goldfish Bowl: A Memoir, Carol Thatcher describes her mother’s memory as having been at one time like a "website", but said that in 2000 she noticed it starting to fail when the former prime minister confused Bosnia and the Falklands in a conversation about the war in former Yugoslavia.

Thatcher’s premiership was revived in 1982 by the Falklands war, while the Bosnian war came on John Major’s watch, more than a year after she had been forced from office.

Carol Thatcher said of the slip-up: "I almost fell off my chair. Watching her struggle with her words and her memory, I couldn’t believe it."

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