Chairman MAO: Genocide Master

Who do you think is the greatest killer of the last century. Not Hitler, not Stalin, not Pol Pot, none of them. It’s Mao Zedung, or as his followers called him, Chairman Mao. He, the ruler of the despotic communist nation of China.

For all the love that the western world and especially USA shows toward China, it was only 16 years ago that Tiananmen Square occurred. Public memory is short, and how does the world reward this communist nation ? By granting it the opportunity to host the biggest event in the world, the Olympic Games of 2008 !!

There are horror stories coming out of China everyday, and we know that for every one story that comes out, there are ten others that are stifled by the government and never make it to the Western media. As an Indian, am not claiming high ground for my country, but at least in India, the press can report as they want, without fear of oppression.

If you thought Tiananmen Square was bad, what would you say to the democide conducted by “the beloved” leader Chairman Mao.

Democide is termed as murder by government [link].

Alex Tabarrok at Marginal Revolution points to a very interesting site that keeps a tab on genocide and democide.

The site run by Rudy Rummel mentions

“…Many scholars and commentators have referenced my total of 174,000,000 for the democide (genocide and mass murder) of the last century. I’m now trying to get word out that I’ve had to make a major revision in my total due to two books.

I’m now convinced that that Stalin exceeded Hitler in monstrous evil, and Mao beat out Stalin….”

This ain’t everything. To put things into a larger perspective…

“…From the biography of Mao, which I trust (for those who might question it, look at the hundreds of interviews Chang and Halliday conducted with communist cadre and former high officials, and the extensive bibliography) I can now say that yes, Mao’s policies caused the famine. He knew about it from the beginning. He didn’t care! Literally. And he tried to take more food from the people to pay for his lust for international power, but was overruled by a meeting of 7,000 top Communist Party members.

So, the famine was intentional. What was its human cost? I had estimated that 27,000,000 Chinese starved to death or died from associated diseases. Others estimated the toll to be as high as 40,000,000. Chang and Halliday put it at 38,000,000, and given their sources, I will accept that….”


“…For perspective on Mao’s most bloody rule, all wars 1900-1987 cost in combat dead 34,021,000 — including WWI and II, Vietnam, Korea, and the Mexican and Russian Revolutions. Mao alone murdered over twice as many as were killed in combat in all these wars.

Now, my overall totals for world democide 1900-1999 must also be changed. I have estimated it to be 174,000,000 murdered, of which communist regimes murdered about 148,000,000. Also, compare this to combat dead. Communists overall have murdered four times those killed in combat, while globally the democide toll was over six times that number….”

The same policies and situations that made Mao, do what he did still continue today. Of course there is that show of some opennness. But frankly its all hogwash.

Its distressing to see that the US continues to suck up to China, where citizens have no rights and no freedom to express their views. And where screwed up things happen all the time and the government keeps mum or just covers up. Last week’s leak of effluents in Harbin, and yesterdays mine tragedy are two cases in point.

When will this honeymoon with the Chinese end ??


  1. shoefiend November 29, 2005

    Finished reading Halliday and Changs book a few weeks ago. Horrific is all I can say and the recent Harbin incident is even worse. When the local govt in Harbin was criticised for not being more upfront with the public they argued that there were many ways to make information available and they had chosen to do so by letting other govt bodies know!

  2. FRANCIS SEQUEIRA December 19, 2005


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