Chicken Australia

Australian cricketers are sureshot bullies when it comes to a cricket field. Even then it takes the histrionics and verbage of someone like Bhajji to get them to show their true colors.

However, in reality they “chicken out” at the slightest instance.

Remember how they refused to play a game in Sri Lanka during the 1996 world cup? And now they are backing off from the Champions Trophy too

The Sydney Morning Herald claimed most leading Australian cricketers will pull out of the event if the International Cricket Council is adamant to host the elite tournament, second only to World Cup in stature, in the trouble-torn country.

“It is going to come down to the individual’s decision,” a member of the Australian team, touring West Indies, told the daily.

The ICC should stand firm in its decision to continue with the tournament once it has given the go-ahead. If individual Australian players do not want to attend, well good riddance to bad rubbish. However Cricket Australia has to field a team, however mediocre it may be. And if the board does not, then all countries should not go to Australia to play too.

I dont know why, but I get a whiff of the racial superiority that Gavaskar recently spoke about, in this incident too.