Christiandom Says No to Yoga

Sometimes I thank “the Lord” for people who have common sense to discern between blind religious beliefs and common sense.

They were responding the Catholics Bishops Conference of India’s support to two churches in London who banned yoga classes on the grounds that it is rooted in Hindu philosophy and therefore un-Christian.

Said Wilson Mendis, a businessman from Colaba, “I don’t care about any church or Cardinal banning yoga. I will continue practising it because it keeps my body fit.”

“The church has also banned the use of contraceptive for Christians. Should one adhere to such rules?” he asked.

It seems some bishops somewhere banned yoga.

Dont these bishops have other more important problems to take care of, instead of trying to ban yoga.

And I bet you there will be a whole bunch of otherwise “educated” people who will defend the bishops and their religious diktats.

I know one for sure.