Clinton Hill: A new blog is born

A new blog is born. I am happy to announce my next new venture in the blogging world.

By a quirk of fate, I landed up in Clinton Hill. 8 years ago, I did not even know that this would be my new neighborhood for the next so many years. As a graduate student at the Pratt Institute School of Architecture, Clinton Hill became the de facto “ghetto” for me.

…..I have been living in Clinton Hill and it has grown into me. The streets, the neighborhood, the brownstones, streets, restaurants, supermarkets, shops are all something that I can relate to.

Bordered by Fort Greene, the Navy Yard, Bedford-Stuyvesant and the Atlantic Navy Yard, Clinton Hill is today one of the most vibrant neighborhoods in New York City.

All it lacked was a point of gathering in the virtual world. This blog shall try to become the place.


Clinton Hill

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