Cricket Selectors who never played for India

I just read about the elections of the BCCI and about Sharad Pawar winning the elections. The best thing he can do to BCCI is get rid of the Dalmiya effect and virus that has plagued BCCI since a very long time. That dude (dalmiya) just dosent know how to get out and move on.

But what is more interesting is the new selectors who are part of the new selection committee

Kiran More (chairman, West Zone) Bhupinder Singh Senior (north) Sanjay Jagdale (central) V B Chandrasekhar (south) Ranjib Biswal (east)

My first thoughts are….shouldnt the selectors themselves be players of high standing in their times. Kiran More, yes I can understand. But what of the others ??

A quick look on cricinfo and it unfolds

Bhupinder Singh Senior. Played ONLY two one day internationals. And took three wickets. [link]

Sanjay Jagdale. Never could make the grade to play international cricket, and now shall be one of the five voices that selects the Indian cricket team in the foreseeable future. [link]

V B Chandrasekhar. Played seven one day games. Scored a total of 83 in them. Never played test cricket. [link]

Ranjib Biswal. Never made the grade to play international cricket and now shall be one of the five voices that selects the Indian cricket team in the foreseeable future.[link]

Do you see what I see ?? 4 out of the 5 dudes, havent even played a single test match in their lives. 2 of 5 havent played a single one day international in their lives. And these people become selectors !! WTF.

There can be two scenarios for this ridiculous situation. One is that they are there because there is no one else more qualified who wants to do that job. And the other one is that they are there because of the stupid and incessant lobbying and regionalism that plagues all things Indian.

Why can’t we just pick up five guys who know their game and put them in charge. Why do we need a cricketor from each zone. The very fact that he represents his zone, makes me wonder if he is there to safeguard players from his zone and make sure that there is some sort of token presence. If there are no good players from one zone then so be it. This is not TEAM DIVERSIFIED INDIA…..this is TEAM INDIA.

Its OK that the Indian team is on a high just now, and most players select themselves and there is so much talent around that there is no lack of players. Sadly there is a dearth of good selectors.

Can anyone explain this anomoly. I would love to hear what some pundits have to say.

Disclaimer. I am not a cricket fanatic. I follow cricket, and have attended every single international game in Bombay when I have been in the city, from the age of 9, when I attended my first game and saw Richards pulverize Indian bowling on that Sunday afternoon. I don’t claim full cricket wisdom but can successfully (me thinks!) argue the intricacies of the game, and its history and traditions.