Day 02 at AU 2007: Down to Business

Day 02 at AU 2007 was all serious business. People rushing from session to session. I personally had a packed day 5 sessions. Luckily the third one turned out to be a very basic session and I walked out early so had a breather.

The Revit Powertrack is a very interesting feature in AU this year and something that will be there in the years ahead. The last session of the day was attended by over 1200 people interested in finding out how to tackle large projects in Revit.

It was also a day of aggressive networking. Right on Day 1 I had met up with Chirag Dedhia and his friend Satish. Chirag is a fellow alumni from the Rizvi College of Architecture. I also had a lot of introductions with people from New Zealand, Finland, Turkey, Dubai, and of course India. Its interesting to learn how software and products impact people in different parts of the world and how they work around it.

In the afternoon I had the opportunity to be invited to a closed door session on the Future of Autocad. We were shown what to expect in the next immediate releases of Autocad and also some long term wish list items. Having to sign a Non-Disclosure agreement, I cannot talk much about it. However, it did leave me salivating. πŸ™‚

The evening ended with a Caribbean themed party in the main exhibition arena. I also had time to walk around and look at some of the exhibitors stalls in detail. Yesterday when it opened, it was a perpetual zoo out there.


One grouse….if any of you AU people are reading this blog…{dreaming πŸ™‚ }…the food sucks. The choice of menu is pretty lame especially at dinner time. But then I will not hold that against you.

Tomorrow is another packed schedule day and then the end of convention party at night. Stay tuned.

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