DesiPundit: Au Revoir

Like all good things, this one also comes to an end. That is something I have come to learn all through life. Right from the time I got my first trackback from DesiPundit, I was hooked. More so because by some convoluted relation Patrix the founder of DP and I knew each other in our previous life avatars in architectural school.

DesiPundit did not invent the filter blog phenomenon. Nor did it claim to be the best one ever. However it galvanised a whole bunch of Indian bloggers in India and the diaspora spread around the world into a loose knit community.

The internet has revolutionised the community building aspect of social interaction. Before the internet, mankind in the midst of urbanization was getting more segregated. However in the virtual world we all are part of some or the other community whether we like it or not. Thankfully I am happy I was part of the DP community. It brought me in touch with a lot of bloggers who I share a commonality with. It did wonders for my blog ratings, and more importantly fostered new friendships, which otherwise would have never existed. That I think is for me the most important thing, I take away from DP. The human link….the cameraderie over email…with people who I have never ever met, is more important than all the blog hits, and the adsense revenue and what not.

Thank you DP.

I will not say a good-bye, but an Au Revoir. For those of you who were old enough to listen to Vijay Merchant on the Vividh Bharati Radio on Sunday at 1:00 pm, you will know what I mean. He ended every broadcast with the simple words…”Au Revoir, Till We Meet Again”.

So be sure that you will still sit on my blogroll, and someday soon I will see life back into your feed. Till then be well, friend !

[This is my contribution to the DesiPundit Blogathon, started by fellow blogger Bombay Addict. Thanks, BA !!]


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