Diwali Mela NYC !!

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Continue reading below for report of 2005 Diwali Mela…

Today was the Diwali Mela in NYC. This took place at the South Street Seaport.

A couple of blocks were cordoned off and there was a melee of food stalls and other stuff that is typically present at these Indian events. I hadnt been to one in a couple of years and was surprised by the fact that this one was well organised in terms of crowd movement. There were all kinds of stalls and one truly felt that one was in Bombay or for that matter any other part of India. The pics i took with my sister’s camera will tell the entire story !!

People hanging out at Pier 17
State Bank of India on a schooner
Incredible India, Air India ?? I am now confused. Which one is it ?
The ubiquitous gate!!
For those who are single and ready to mingle…
A display at the Incredible India stall. Interesting juxtaposition
Towering above FDR Drive, the chinese schooner
Desi junta !!
Gods on sale !!
Jhoola…will set you back $2499. “Home delivery extra if outside New Jersey”
Why pay when u can bit torrent ??
McDonalds ad campaign…generic one to all Asians aka chinese, korean, vietnamese, et al
and more desis
With Gods on sale, can the politicians be far behind ?
and the VHP has even the kids roped in…catch ’em young !!
and of course…what is any desi mela with out food
all time popular…eat all you can…i like the caption below !!
and more food…
a sample of prices.
and now we could not resist….some kebabs
was surprised to see this banner….
on further checking found that it was Govinda, the God and not the chhokra from Virar and now MP.
A very interesting exhibit. A new IMAX movie coming out in December, called MYSTIC INDIA.
And more desis
Fashion Street…Metro Bombay
Some politician types, praising each other. and no one listening to them.
Just before the fireworks. The Downtown Manhattan Skyline.
and it starts…
All in all, a good time was had by one and all. So till next year..happy diwali NY Time. !!


  1. Melas are always so much fun! but isnt it a bit early for diwali ? navratri starts tomorow then its dusshera on 12th and 20 days later its Diwali! on 1st of Nov. apart it is also new year! is the festival/new year being celebrated one month before, for American convinience… just curious !!

  2. Hey Nameeta, they always host it early bcos later on its too cold to have an outdoor mela, and also to have fireworks. I think its some city restrictions which force them to have it so early. After October 15, no outdoor public events are allowed.

  3. October 02 was Gandhi jayanti, in rush of festivities Mahatma seems all forgotten..
    My tributes, he remains in our hearts …
    Wonderful coverage Arz, I felt I was there

  4. hey arzan!! great pictures and good coverage, seems like one of the many news channel who cover such events here in India.

  5. Hi,
    Thanks Arzan for the diwali pics in NYC.
    Good to see them. and Amit Mantri to in one of them.

  6. Hi,
    Thanks Arzan for the diwali pics in NYC.
    Good to see them. and Amit Mantri to in one of them.

  7. i bought 2 beautiful rajasthani paintings from the mela at south st. anyone know the name of the stall or have a business card from them????


  8. Hey, Great Pics …
    I wish I could have joined u all. I even did not know about it otherwise I wud have joined. anyway …may be next yr.
    have fun ,thanx

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