Ducati Comes to India

Yes !! Yes !! It is true. One of the world’s sexiest bike makers enters the India Market. The Italian motorcycle supremo is now available in India.

If this piece of news does not make your mouth water, please visit a doctor. As someone who has been riding for close to 19 years, I can vouch for the supremacy of Ducati motorcycles. Having ridden the Monster, I can surely say there are very few bikes that can beat this.

I love my current bike the Yamaha V-Max 1200V with its insane amount of power. However when the time comes to change motorcycles, it will be either the Ducati Monster or the BMW K1200S.

The press release does not give any indication of the price and knowing the price of Ducatis, I would not be surprised if a Monster costs about 10 Lacs and the 1099s in the 15 lacs category. I could be wrong, but we will wait and see.

So in the meantime hop on over to the Ducati website and feast your eyes.