E-Utopia circa 1970 ?

Lakshmi Mittal is building a real eutopia, says TOI.

A few observations on that. The article says….

imported wooden door, sans any carvings, placed at the entrance, could be romote-controlled from anywhere in the house and its double-lyred sills leave no room for any vision of what is going on inside

How is this E-Utopia in today’s age ?? Which century is the reporter living ?

The construction, … is undertaken, manned and certified by US companies, and is at full swing.

Talk about fascination with everything “phoren” even in today’s day and age.

The construction, brain-child of Mumbai-based world-famous architect Hafeez Contractor,

Where does one draw the boundary for what one is famous. Hafeez Contractor is only known in India. And even there, he is not so much because of his work, but rather inspite of it. The operating logic is famous is not the same as good.

Once the note from engineer’s table reaches the US shores, the company will show the green signal for the next move in this regard. In this case, making the air-compressor system operational.

Guess Babudom, is still alive and kicking.

What irks me is why does this become news. So what if Laxmi Mittal builds a 130 crore rupee house.? Yes its not an everyday occurance. But at the same time, does one judge the product from the amount of money put in ?? The article does not talk about the quality of design. What will it look like ?

I guess thats too much to ask for from TOI.