Every woman needs a good pounding every now and then

OK, before you readers flip out on me, for saying something so stupid and horrendous, read on.

This is what a judge said in a case of “wife-beating”. In which part of India ?? Well take a guess.


This is what happened here in New York State.

In Tiny Courts of N.Y., Abuses of Law and Power

A woman in Malone, N.Y., was not amused. A mother of four, she went to court in that North Country village seeking an order of protection against her husband, who the police said had choked her, kicked her in the stomach and threatened to kill her. The justice, Donald R. Roberts, a former state trooper with a high school diploma, not only refused, according to state officials, but later told the court clerk, “Every woman needs a good pounding every now and then.”

New York is one of about 30 states that still rely on these kinds of local judges, descendants of the justices who kept the peace in Colonial days, when lawyers were scarce. Many states, alarmed by mistakes and abuse, have moved in recent decades to rein in their authority or require more training. Some, from Delaware to California, have overhauled the courts, scrapped them entirely or required that local judges be lawyers.

WTF !! And its a shame that a state as progressive as New York still has an archaic system of judges.

[Link via email from Amit Mantri]