Expensive Mumbai

It’s no secret that the city is now one of the most expensive in the world. Prices of cocktails are close to 15$ a pop and food in fancier places can rival prices in New York and then some more.

Frugal Traveller Matt Gross encounters Mumbai with all of US$ 500.

 I was planning to live the Mumbai high life, a weekend-long party of shopping, eating and luxuriating, and I was hoping to do it on a budget of $500, or 21,500 rupees.

Let’s be honest: in a city like Mumbai, that’s a phenomenal amount, enough to sustain a backpacker for a month or one of the city’s seven million slum-dwellers for a year. The idea of blowing it all in 48 hours made my stomach queasy (no, it wasn’t the tap water), so I’d arranged to offset my indulgence with altruism: Sunday morning, I’d teach an English class for the Bombay Leprosy Project, a nonprofit group that helps victims of the disease.

Read the entire article. He covers a lot of ground and is a much more informative article than the earlier post.

The accompanying 2:30 minute multimedia slide show is equally nice.

Image courtesy and copyrights: NYT