Gaurav makes a great case for why…

Gaurav Sabnis over at Vantage Point makes a great case for why TATA Motors should not set up shop in West Bengal.

Ratan Tata should read this as an ominous sign of things to come. If even the announcement of the decision is being appropriated by the Commies themselves, he can imagine what kind of control they will wield on the actual plant. The plant will of course have a labour union, since Tata Motors comes under the manufacturing sector. When the Tatas faced labour problems in Pune in the 80s, the state government led by Sharad Pawar was proactively helping the Tatas and doing its best to defuse the situation. Ratan Tata in fact shot into limelight by his deft handling of that petulant strike led by the commie-supported union-dada Rajan Nair and it is widely acknowledged that the event helped him upstage Darbari Seth and Sumant Moolgaonkar to be chosen as JRD’s successor.

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