George BUSH addresses the nation [ sic !! ]

George Bush addressed the USA today. This was on the eve of the independance day coming up next monday; more of that later.

It is amazing that a country with the brain power and the intellect to be a forerunner in every field of human achievement (arguably !!) has the distinction of electing a person who is in a way the complete anti-thesis of what America is.

If Lalu Prasad Yadav was made to wear a suit, he would talk more sense and sound more convincing.

The war is not going anywhere figuritively. The WMD are and always were non-existant. The whole reason for going to war has changed with the passage of time. One really wonders what the hidden agenda is.

The NY Times runs a small counter daily to inform the readers of the total tally of dead in Iraq. Afghanistan does not even feature. Take that for public memory.

Very short and limited public memory helps fuel false promises. Lie today and tomorrow when it is exposed, people will have already forgotten what you said.

Materialism reigns. A perfect example is… Most major news channels in their morning telecast talk about new techniques to barbeque. Its as if the nations survival depends on it. If one didnt know better, they would think that July 4th is National Barbeque Day. So much for patriotism.

At least in India we have the prime minister address the nation and street kids selling national flags on that day. Here the only national flags one sees on July 4th, are the ones imprinted on bikinis and swim shorts worn by a supposedly patriotic american on a beach celebrating the National Barebequedependance Day.

I’ll take my burger medium well !!