Guiness Record for writing letters

In this day and age of fast communication via email, blogging, et al, it seems there are still some people who do it the tried and trusted old fashioned way.

Behram Dastur is one such person.

The Indian Express informs us that

“Chief executive of Bombay Parsi Punchayet sets world record for writing maximum number of letters to the editor”

This achievement is stupenduous, if you take this into consideration

Behram Dastur has more newspaper bylines than most journalists. Over the past 50 years, he’s written 2,493 letters to various publications in the city and recently, secured a place in the latest edition of the Guinness Book of World Records.

Behram wrote his “first letter in November 1955, pointing out that a number of luminaries had been omitted from a list of historical figures.”

Since then nearly 2500 (and counting) have followed.

What is even more interesting is that some of the letters are collectibles, having appeared in publications that have long since ceased to exist…..viz. he Daily, The Commerce, Kaiser-e-Hind and Sunday Standard..

It seems we Indians have a penchant for writing letters. Coincidentally, the previous record holder was also Indian, Delhi’s Subhash Chandra Agrawal, whose tally was about 1,600.

Way to go Behram. You make India proud !!

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  1. MKK March 7, 2007

    CEO of Parsi Punchayet in Guiness record for writing letters, well it is nothing new as this CEO, who takes huge pay packets from Charitiable Institution, he has all the time in the World to right letters, courtesy, Parsi Punchayet, by using services of their Staff (Stenos) for writing letters, this shows that he has no other work but to right letters which are of not any relevant or advantage to community members or will serve any purposes.

    How Chairman and Trustees of Parsi Punchayet tolerates this, that oo at the expense of Charity Money of Donors, which should be used for Poor and needy community members, There are many such persons in Punchayet who after retiring from their regular services, join Punchayet to make fast buck and spend their time at other peoples money. I think such, persons should retire or be told to go, thereby their salary can be used for better use.

    Mr. Chairman, you are learned one and how come you appoint persons who are already retired and your staff who completes 60 years are made to go without giving them same facilities as given to CEO and other Secretaries in Punchayet office.

    If the retirement age is 60 years then even persons like CEO and secretaries should also go on completion of 60 years, so Mr. CEO and his assistant if you have some senses please pt in your papers and let other youn blood come in.

    From one of the staff members

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