Gujarati-Spanish Phrase Book

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Sonia Moghe, writes in the AP Wire about a new phrase book that has direct translation from Gujurati to Spanish.

Who may you wonder would have need of such a book ? The last time the Spaniards were on the West Coast of India was a loooooooong time ago. So what was it that brought about this book ??

The lines of this once famous song might help you….

“…..Patel Motels all over the place……Patel Rap…..”

Yes, the gujurati hoteliers in the US have come up with this book. The hoteliers dilemma is such. They need to speak with customers in English, cleaning staff in Spanish and family in Gujarati.

However since most motels are family run businesses, many in the family only interact with the spanish speaking staff. Also the fact that not all family members are fluent in English. And hence instead of making mincemeat of trying to convert gujju thoughts first into broken english and then mangled spanish, why not eliminate the middleman. In this case the english language.

Read the article in its entirity for a broader understanding of the issue.

All I can say is “Que Pasa”….ki KE PAASA ?


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