Help Needed with Technorati

My blog listing on Technorati seems askewed. When you click on it here (or at the bottom of this page) you will see that on the Technorati page, my blog hasn’t been updated in 86 days.

However that is not really the case.

For some reason it shows 1,320 links to the URL but then also says 649 links from 71 blogs.

I tried to contact Technorati through their contact email form, twice; but havent heard back.

My other blog Parsi Khabar hasn’t been updated in 125+ days.

Have you come across such occurances ?? Is Technorati giving problems on other blogs too. Any and all help will be really appreciated.



  1. Check your pinging mechanism. All blogspot blogs automatically ping technorati when they are updated. Don’t know how this blog pings technorati. Try pinging them manually…

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