Hybridising Corporations

Energy efficiency and response to environmental concerns seems to be catching on to big corporations. My office has a small part in this movement. We managed to convince the second largest bank in the US to build a completely “Green” skyscraper for their banking headquarters. And now the same bank is passing on incentives to its employees

Bank of America (BAC) is looking to reward workers who buy gas-electric hybrid vehicles.

The pilot program for workers in the Boston, Los Angeles and Charlotte areas, set to be unveiled Wednesday, would offer 21,000 employees a $3,000 cash incentive to buy the fuel-efficient vehicles.

Bank of America is joining several other companies around the country, including Google (GOOG) and Timberland (TBL), based in Stratham, N.H., that offer employees cash perks for buying the fuel-efficient, low-emissions vehicles. [ link ]

This can only be a good sign of things to come. As with most corporations, others will start to latch on to similar ideas just to stay in “trend”.