I Killed TOI Ads and Pop-ups!

The Times of India newspaper has for a very long time been the leading english daily in India. Having been here in NYC, I get my daily dose of desi info from TOI. Its journalistic standards have gone down the drain in recent years, but as long as I dont consider their opinions as gospel, I am still comfortable with getting news headlines from there.

But for a very long time, I have hated their crazy ads, pop ups, and pop under windows, that inundate my desktop everytime I stop by there. Even the google taskbar popup stopper, and Firefox’s pop up blocker dont work on the pop under windows which generally advertise some crap from A1-Bollywood.

Its one thing to serve ads and make money doing it, but its a completely different issue when you get bombarded with ads, and that to for every article link. Its incessant, and I just dread to think how painful it is on a dial-up connection.

TOI needs a complete rethink of their web interface. There are so many ads all over, that it seems they are going bankrupt in their print edition, and need the click through income from Google AdSense and other advertisers.

A simple study of the webpage real estate on their site reveals that more than 50% of their content is ads. If I used the same rationale, I have to wonder, if I am at a newspaper website or some cheap ass internet advertiser.

Its all the more embarassing when I send non-Indian colleagues to “India’s Premier Newspapers” website. Many have thought that the TOI is some kinda tabloid in the classic Sun style from the UK.

After a lot of testing and tweaking, I think I have conquered the devil that is the TOI Ad Campaign.

If you are using firefox or IE, block the following sites and you should be fine. Has been working for me for a while now.

You could also block it in Zone Alarm, or similar firewalls.


Here is a screenshot from Firefox


if you know of any other links to add to this list, let me know. Also if there are any other “free” programs out there that you use, please share the love !!



  1. “… which generally advertise some crap from A1-Bollywood”.

    I believe, A1-Bollywood pop-up does not come from TOI’s website. It comes from the Indian express website.

    I am not advocating TOI in anyway, I have done a lot of TOI bashing myself so join the gang. You are in the process of “thinking” that TOI is a sun-styled tabloid- I, and a lot of peole here, know it for sure 😉

  2. This worked! I grew up reading TOI. But I agree the quality of TOI is not any better than a tabloid. The ads on the site were extremely frustrating. And yes, it was embarrassing to forward any article from here to my non-India friends/colleagues.

    Thanks for the solution.

  3. This is nice.. I dont know why I read TOI, but blocking these ads is definitely better!

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