IIPM: Crooks At Work to Sanitize Image

Its that time of the year again, and it seems that the scumbag machinery is in stealth mode. Indian bloggers will remember October 10, 2005 as the day they came of age and stood up to a scumbag institution that forced a blogger to quit his job, all because to highlighted the truth. Gaurav Sabnis the blogger, and IIPM the scumbag institution.

A lot of venom was spewed, investigative journalism ensued, people expressed their opinions, and it made news in the international blogosphere.

DesiPundit, the clearinghouse for all blogs Indian, became the central rally point. The sustained campaign, made IIPM backtrack a little and their ludicrous claims in the press seemed to have subsided for a while. But just when u think that they would have learnt a lesson, they are back to their old tricks.

This is the season of results. Engineering results, HSC results, medical results, all results will be out in the month or two ahead. This is the time students start thinking about the next step in their professional and academic careers. IIPM puts big ads in newspapers and the students start believing them. But somewhere in the back of their minds they remember hearing something about the said institution. Checking old newspapers or their sites does not help because no mainstream media covered the story with the importance it needed. So the student turns to the biggest media of them all, the internet.

Google a query IIPM and within the first 10 results, 7 are very positive nice, peachy-kleen, results. But 3 of them stand out as something not good. Rashmi Bansal edited JAM Mag’s original article, DesiPundits sticky post and Gaurav’s original post.

They somehow spoil the rosy picture of a fantastic center of learning, a one of a kind experience in India. An institution led by a visionary [sic !!], someone the world will never see again.

The one real place that IIPM got hammered for what it really is was on the blogs. Every blogger worth his salt and then somre more wrote about the IIPM fiasco.

And now what I am about to point out is my hypothesis about the power of the blog. Young people today read or write on blogs. They get a lot of information on blogs. Search engines specially catered to search blogs are big players in the search phenomenon. Technorati searches millions of blogs every single day, so does google blog search.

Therefore this aspiring student will also search on these platforms about IIPM. And that is where the true colors of IIPM will show up.

So what does IIPM do to cover that up ?? Operate in stealth mode, under the radar.

It starts a series of fictitious blogs all containing the same information and linking to each other, on every possible free blogging platform.

A search on Technorati for the tag IIPM brings up these four blogs…

IIPM World | IIPM: The future is here | IIPM Education | IIPM Business School | IIPM

Why in the world would a “world class” institute resort to putting up its own blogs on free blogging services. What does it achieve ??

Even a cursory glance at the homepage of each of the 5 blogs above will show you that a lot of the content is repeated on more than one of them.

According to me there can be only one reason. They want to sanitize blogsearch results such that all the bad publicity they got gets pushed to the back of the search pages, and prospective students searching on blogs will see the “great institute” that IIPM claims.

A weird way of sanitizing the internet.

What do you think ?? Why cant they just get their act together and run a decent average business school. No one ever going to IIPM wishes they would have chosen IIM instead. The reason IIPM exists is because all of its students did not get into IIM and still want MBA degrees.


  1. Thanks for highlighting this Arzan. I keep wondering how the hell can these jokers be stopped? I’d resisted posting on IIPM (simple logic that any publicity is good publicity for these jerks) till desipundit ran the IIPM2hell link story. That’s when I finally posted along with a scan of their full page ad. I’ll be damned they’re at it again…

    I don’t know what’ll work to expose them once and for all… Till then I guess us bloggers should just blog away to do our bit.

  2. thanx so much guys. I was about to spenf 6 lacs of dad’s hard earned money. u saved it. however there is one more institute called ICFAI(Bangalore). I’d like to get somemore info abt them. They dont charge much and have really good placements. But they r inland. This makes me believe that they have no false claims
    I would still like some ionformation on that.

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