IIPM: What about the students

UPDATE # 1: This is a further update to my last post about the IIPM imbroglio.

As has been mentioned all over the blogosphere, the school basically screwed up. Its a perfect David v/s Goliath kinda deal. JAM is a small magazine and IIPM is the big kahuna.

Even though there are lawsuits involved, knowing Indian judiciary, half of the management on each side will be dancing with the Parmatma, by the time the courts reach a decision.

In all this, I feel really strongly about the students.

In discussing this issue with a friend, he brought a very pertinent point

“but these bloggers should try findng solutions for the guys studying here” 

“what i mean is trying to find constructive solution for people already in this soup”

I think that this is something that we as bloggers need to take up.

There have been a lot of commenters on Rashmi’s blog who claim to be students. Verifying that is nigh well impossible. And frankly I think they are more hired goons of the school than students themselves.

I can well imagine what it would mean to be a IIPM student at this point. Its like a “deer caught in the headlights” kinda situation. They are in the middle of this and nowhere to go.

The fight is against the institution and the director. But education is finally about the students. I think there needs to be a lot of constructive suggestions for the students. For what its worth, IIPM has enough clout and money to come out of this. Their business is to impart education and they will find more and more students chasing the MBA dream and doling out the lacs. The real harm is to those students who are currently there and will have a certain stigma attached to their resume at least for the near future.

Would an employer consider them favourably without bias when they go for their interview. How objective will the employer be, to interview the skills and talent of the graduate from that institution, without bringing an iota of bias into the decision making process, as to whether to hire the graduate or not.

The student body of the college has their hands tied in this. They are in a class Catch 22 situation. If they come out and accept publicly the shortcomings of their institution, they surely face retribution from the school. If the school can send legal notices to strangers linking to an article, what stops them from being vindictive on their own students.

On the other hand, if students support the management and stick with them, they end up with the short end of the stick. They get the stigma of being students and future graduates of a tainted institute.

It would be great if there was a sane united student voice out there, because they got to realize that they are the only losers in this. Not JAM, not IIPM, only them…the students.

For all its management education, IIPM has managed this horribly.

Any suggestions any one !!


  1. Michael H. October 11, 2005

    Hi Arzan
    I think there are several points here:
    1. The reputation of the students should be the school’s main priority. Perhaps the worst aspect of this affair is that the IIPM management have not only trashed the school’s reputation but also the respectability that their degree confers on their alumni. It isn’t Rashmi or Gaurav’s fault that this has happened.
    2. The first rule in life as a participant in the economy is caveat emptor – buyer beware. This is much more true in life choices. You go to a bad restaurant, you get a bad meal. But you go to the wrong school, you get an “F” in life. These students were aspiring to be business leaders. They couldn’t see through the IIPM phony advertising. Dilip D’Souza actually printed the fine print on one of the ads. Only a damn fool would read that and think IIPM was a reputable institute.
    3. It is nice that blogger care for students but if their parents, their school, and they themselves put more effort into taking care of these students, no one else would need to worry about them.

  2. arZan October 11, 2005


    I get your point, but then hindsight is always 20/20.

    I am sure that parents of prospective students will make note next year when they decide who to dish out their hard earned cash to.

    But, yes you are correct when you say that such decisions have a very lasting impression.

    And you brought about a valid point about alumni too. Am sure that the credentials of recent alumni are also viewed with suspicion.

  3. Joe October 12, 2005

    But Arzan, isnt that the whole point – the alumni and the current students of IIPM do NOT have a valid degree or credentials of any sort.

  4. Sameer October 13, 2005

    I think the IIPM students should unify and demand changes from the management. If they keep trying to supress the blogs (as some of them supposedly are) then they are going to be the biggest losers. If they demand changes then they might end up getting better education and better future.
    IIPM is not the only BAD B-School in India. There are many of them. So there are many students in the same boat as IIPM students. The problem is aggravated because IIPM doesn’t want to face reality and keep on hitting out at critics. If it would have simply said “ya we hyped things a little but we are truly trying to implement the changes. Sorry it won’t happen again” then this thing would have gone down in a flash.
    Now the only option for IIPM students is I guess to unify and demand changes. I as a blogger will be fully willing to support them if they want to do that.

  5. suhail November 12, 2005

    well i dont know whats the fuss abt iipm.ok its giving free laptops,gud education and placements.what eles one could expect from a b-school.as far mr.m.k choudhuri is concerned it is said tht he is got a degree from a college which did not exist at that time but who cares about it when he is teaching in iim n other b schools.he is a intellectual person n thats what we want isnt it,i am looking forward 2 join iipm but theres no clear picture to me whats the blogging fuss abt iipm all about.ok its advertising a lot ,accepted so what ,whats wrong in tht.they have estd. so many campuses round india n thats y they r publicising.if any one clearly tell me whets that wrong with iipm i would be greatful to them

  6. kemplar May 14, 2006

    I am student of IIPM

    I have gone through your views . i agree that IIPM is not recognised to an extent is towards a hyping mode. But we didn’t made into CAT so the next option where we could get good placements is here and we are seeing our seniors being placed in good organisationa with a pay of 2.5 lac per annum whihc we think is good at starting..we are with our dreams … if you have to protest why dont you call the stupid pony tail (arindham choudary) infront of the Media , and make rashmi bansal sit infront and pose questions to him. Then as students we will be to your side protesting and finally closing the institute because we are losers atleast freashers dont lose from next year.. why rashmi raised the voice and sitting quite is she not potential to face arindham??????????

  7. Shamik June 21, 2007

    Just read this blogpost and form your opinions:

  8. Shamik June 21, 2007

  9. Biswabhusan November 3, 2011

    If everyone in India knows that IIPM is a fraud then,how they are opening new campuses every year.By the way if they are really fraud ,why Govt is not taking any action against them. Another issue is the UGC & AICTE approval,there are hundreds of colleges in india without a proper building,but have the UGC & AICTE approval,forget about the quality of teaching & placement. Thousands of students are preparing for bank clerical jobs with an Engineering/MBA degree. What about those institutes & future of those students. Everybody in india wants a change in the current education system & Prof. Choudhary has just started changing the system. We should rather help him in this process.
    If somebody gives importance to UGC & AICTE approvals, I would suggest him/her one thing plz read the recent released book of Mr Chetan Bhagat (i.e REVOLUTION 2010) in which he had explained beautifully about these approvals.

  10. neha gupta February 21, 2012

    Ok i have read all the posts and everything.I am a student of IIPM and to make everything clear i will just describe what iipm is …..

    1)IIPM is not UGC recognized its just like another road side institute but of a large large scale providing degree of some other university so the degree is recognized .

    2) faculty- most of the faculty is good not excellent but good at least better than other institute providing bba/mba education in delhi.you would not be dissatisfied with it .

    3) this is the last and most important point which would make you all guys know what iipm is all about.

    when a student applies for bba he/she gets degree of some other university fully recogniZed and valid so you can apply anywhere for further study but ITS A CORRESPONDENCE DEGREE WHICH IIPM NEVER OR AT LEAST TRY NOT TO TELL STUDENTS ABOUT IT AT TIME OF ADMISSION AS MOST STUDENT USUALLY INTERESTED IN KNOWING IF THE DEGREE IS RECOGNIZED OR NOT THIS POINT HARDLY COMES UP AND WHEN IT DOES ITS TO LATE … most university does not want a correspondence student to join there MBA programs as there reputation is at stake because it leads to low rating of there student profile doing MBA in there college because its its a correspondence degree it also leads to bias behaviour by companies to give you job as correspondence student are considered less efficent.this will lead to tough times in finding jobs and studying further.


    i hope guys this is useful to you if you end up joining IIPM you career is not finished its just you have choosed the most inconvenient way to cross the river if you keep pushing yourself hard you will pass it.

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