Impeach Bush !!

Hilarious picture I came across, on a forwarded email.

Need I say more


  1. mark April 18, 2006

    you’d have to find his nob first

  2. Bob Stiff April 18, 2006

    Hilarious! Of course, Bush supporters will counter that the impeachment was not for the blowjob, rather it was for lying about it. Given that argument Bush should already be impeached. Sadly I suspect that Bush, as stupid as he is, is no more so than the average American.

  3. alec April 19, 2006

    Pleasure is illegal. Prohibiting other people’s pleasure by pre-emptively blowing them up before they can attain said illegal pleasure, however, is Gods will. Praise be Freedom.

  4. muhammad al sudkeh April 19, 2006

    praise be allah – impeach bush!

  5. pasa neng April 21, 2006

    Americans have chosen the best serial-killer of the history.. Mr.G.Bush.

    Stop watching T.V. and stop listen patriotic garbage, they are washing up your brains.

    I’m Spanish and I hate the american blindness. All Europe think the major part of Americans are huge burguer-eaters with a low low level of education and controlled by the State powers, and I know this is.

    Kill, run & fuck are your favourite verbs…what a pity.

    Don’t forget to cry your dead-meat soldiers, proud to kill innocent people and to vote again the serial-killer (Afganistan, Iraq, Iran…)’s just the oil path!!

    El sistema americano tendría que desaparecer del planeta! Dais pena!

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