India in Top 5 on Climate Change Index

Leaders of the world are meeting in Bali, Indonesia at the UN Climate Conference this week. From some of the findings released at the conference…

Sweden is First and the US almost Last… Says Study A new report rates the climate-protection performance of 56 countries that account for 90 percent of global carbon dioxide emissions. While Germany came in at second best, the US ranked second worst.

India comes at a favorable 5th position.

Yes, that does not mean that everything is gung-ho with the climate and environment in India, but its still an interesting indicator of what is going on (or not) in the world around us.

However these simple statistics gleaned from this very informative interactive paint a much larger picture.

The above table brings a stark contrast to the amount of energy the US consumes vis-a-vis its percentage of the total world population.

And even more scary is that countries like China and India are moving in the direction of the US in terms of energy consumption.

So if 5% of the world consumes 20% of the worlds energy, what happens when 20% of the world starts living the same kind of lifestyle that the 5% live. Insanely scary.

No wonder the energy conservation movement is something that is on top of the news pile here in the US.

India should strategize so that it does not ape the US in terms of energy consumption. Already China is going that way and the early warning signs are there to see. Pollution in Chinese urban areas is all-permeating. And when the world converges on Beijing next July for the Olympics, it will be difficult to ignore the itchy eyes and the smog filled skies.


  1. anon December 10, 2007

    So if 5% of the world consumes 20% of the worlds energy, what happens when 20% of the world starts living the same kind of lifestyle that the 5% live.

    try reading that as “5% of the world PRODUCES 20% of the world’s energy” and you come up with a different view of things. That’s not to say that global warming isn’t a problem, it’s just important that we don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater inthe process…

  2. arZan December 10, 2007

    Whoa !! Whoa !! Anon

    The US does not produce all the energy it consumes. Oil comes from all over the world. A lot of the other energy is either imported or embedded. Embedded energy can be the cost of flying in apples from Chile or cheese from Italy. Who says that the US produces all its energy.

    P.S. what’s with the anon deal. I dont see anything in your comment that would warrant you to be “anonymous”. Ah well

  3. IdeaSmith December 11, 2007

    Frankly my first reaction is to be appalled at the figures for the Big Brother US of A.

  4. raj December 12, 2007

    Anon, the problem is actually worse. When you consider that a high percentage of outsourced tasks in China and India are actually meant for US customers, and that these tasks involve high consumption of energy produced locally and using coal. High consumerism in USA is not fully reflected in the energy figures of the USA, as there is indirect expenditure of energy elsewhere.

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