India Independence Day Parade NYC 2009

Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty is slated to be the Grand Marshall at this year’s India Day Parade here in NYC. This will be the 29th year of this parade.

To be held on Sunday August 16, 2009, the parade starts at 12:00 pm at 41st street @ Madison Avenue and ends at 28th Street. There is a big “mela” at the end with stalls selling everything from newspaper subscriptions to food, music, clothes and what not !.


Be there. It should be a fun-filled day, especially if the weather is good.



  1. I surely wanna be there …………. but what about the H1N1 virus causing the swine flu ?? this is supposed to be a huge event with huge crowds , how do keep safe from getting infected ??

  2. Hi Gary…..
    NO Ticket required…The parade route is Madison ave and u can watch it between 41st to 28th st…At the end of the parade try to be at Madison Sq Park between 5th Ave and Madison Ave and near 28th Street…where some cultural events are likely to happen…
    Happy Independence Day in adv….

  3. Will the float on which Shilpa be on, be throughout the whole floats display or does she come out at some point of the parade?

  4. @Kanika .. yes there is .. ask Shilpa Shetty out for a date this sunday, and somehow convince her to say yes .. and then you can go as her date .. simple isn’t it 🙂

    Happy Independence Day everyone

  5. India day Parade???? What the heck does it mean.
    Why are we making a joke of ourselves? How come these kind of parades dont exist so much in India? Is it not clear its a commercial deal, with the floats promoting the different businesse and of course the film stars is the reason why the crowd has gathered. And the film stars will definetly come its a paid trip for them to the US. Of course the dollar is still powerfull. Try the parade with out the filmstars and then you will know the patriotism. I only wish the rest of the Indians in India will have similar parades in all the cities in India.
    My question is if you love India so much why dont you go back to India and live like the rest of the Indians.
    The interviews that I am seeing they clearly admit they are here because of the film stars. The next thing that surprises me is how come all the Indians are talking in English, I thought we love our country but we speak in a foreign language. Have you seen russians, or chinese or koreans, or Japanese talking in English. No sir they will only talk in their language I think that is true patriotism. I am sorry but I think we are absolute hypocrites. Well go ahead enjoy the parade, but think on what I say.

  6. Ravi,

    That’s so true about stars and Indian “patriotism”. Hahaha !!! Stars got paid from 50 K to 125K. It depends how much popular they are. But if they didn’t bring her (75) to parade nobody would go there:))

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