India Shining Generation Wakes Up to Layoffs

I have been following the recent story about Jet Airways laying off staff. If I am not mistaken, this is the first high-profile layoff spree by a private corporation in recent times. And a big shock to the "India Shining" generation that has till now, had no reason to encounter this.


CNN IBN has been running a segment interviewing some of these laid off attendants.

"It will hamper our career and it will hamper our future. If they (Jet) were planning to terminate us then why did they recruit us," said a female employee who lost her job.


Anger at the sudden dismissal was evident amongst the employees. "No one can understand how we are feeling. They destroyed everything in just a day. What do they think of themselves?" an executive said.

Her colleague echoed the sentiment. "Without any notice they have just did this. My friend messaged and she told me that we have all been terminated."

As someone who has been laid off twice in one calendar year, I can empathize with those who have lost their jobs. And if this was not done in a proper decent way, then its really sad. But I don’t see how this is so wrong that people would ask scumbag Raj Thackeray to intervene. He wants Jet Airways flights from Bombay. For what ?

This is ridiculous. As much as youngsters are getting used to India Shining and the burgeoning Y-generation, they need to realize that layoffs are part and parcel of the glamour of working for a swanky corporate.

In a globalized economy, Indian corporations will take the same steps that corporations take the world over. They will shed employees to keep their bottom lines in the black. And as much as it hurts, the India Shining generation needs to take this in their stride and move on.

The economy will upswing and the airlines will rebound and all of a sudden they will be back at work. Thats the proverbial "circle of life"


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  1. a bitter pill to swallow… but tend to agree with you.
    the globalization scenario has transformed the working class in India for the good. We have seen incomes increase, buying power go up and a general feel-good atmosphere across India over the past 5-8 years.
    However, i personally feel, this has also had a negative effect on the quality of manpower recruitment in corporate firms, credentials have been overlooked to fill in the numbers…. to meet demands from customers and shareholders alike…many a time the quality of the resource has been over-looked….I was conducting interviews for freshers a couple of years back and that was an eye opener…. it seemed like they were interviewing me!! the demands and expectations were surreal…
    thats the kind of attitude this boom developed amongst certain young professionals with little or no practical experience…
    Salaries have gone through the roof, and now many firms are stuck with a situation where they need to “shed the flab”…. like Jet Airways to begin with..
    Hopefully the situation does not snowball… but the future surely is in building lean organizations with high efficiencies, having a small but indispensable team is the way to go for upcoming firms..

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