Indian Couple Serve in the US Army in Iraq

India Abroad recently featured an Indian couple serving in the US army in Iraq Cyriac Alencheril and his wife, Fixie


From Indian couple serves in the US Army,

At a time when the United States Army is struggling to recruit more people, Sergeant Cyriac Alencheril, who is serving in Iraq, encouraged his wife to join the military. His wife Fixie recently completed the rigorous training or boot camp at Fort Jackson, South Carolina, successfully. ‘We are happy for the rare honour of being the first-ever Indian couple in the US Army. We feel proud of our achievement,’ Cyriac, 35, wrote from Iraq. ‘Somebody needs to pull the guard and prove that Indian Americans are not far behind. I believe that we represent a lot of Indians. A parachute rigger, he is currently serving as a supply sergeant in Iraq. Cyriac created news three years ago when he played the tabla to win the first prize in the instrumental solo category of the US Army’s 2003 Margaret ‘Skippy’ Lynn Stars of Tomorrow Entertainment Contest.

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