Indian Mangoes Arrive in USA

Image Copyrights: Steve Legato for The New York Times

The wait for Indian mangoes here in the US is over, and as per this press release from te USDA, the import has begun

WASHINGTON, May 1, 2007-U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Mike Johanns on Tuesday welcomed the first shipments of irradiated Indian mangoes arriving through U.S. ports-of-entry, initiating mango trade with the United States.

Indian mangoes are the first fruit irradiated at an overseas site and approved for importation into the United States. Irradiation became an approved treatment on all pests for fruits and vegetables entering the United States in 2002. Last year, a generic dose was recognized for a wider range of commodities, including Indian mangoes. The use of irradiation provides an alternative to other pest control methods, such as fumigation, cold and heat treatments. [ link ]

The NYTimes writes

The first legal shipment of Indian mangoes to the United States (US) in decades landed at New York’s Kennedy International Airport on 27 April, probably the most eagerly anticipated fruit delivery ever. â??If we can get them at good ripeness,” said Suvir Saran, executive chef of the Indian restaurant Devi in Manhattan, “people will go mad for the beautiful, supple flesh and intense flavour.” Some Indian-Americans have spent hundreds of dollars at an auction in Miami for rare Florida-grown Indian mango varieties; flown home specially for the season; or tried to smuggle illicit fruit past airport inspectors, striving to recapture rapturous memories of their homeland’s luscious, incomparable mangoes. Until now, though, most could only crave and dream.

Now, if only I could find a way to get my hands on some !!!


  1. raees May 6, 2007

    where will the mangoes be available for purchase?

  2. Rita Rai May 10, 2007

    Hi Arzan,

    well i like mangoes too. Also it is better to write about mangoes than to write articles that show you are a ‘communal bigot’. But some people give more respect to ‘fruits’ than to humans, they criticise you[Arzan] when you write about fruits as if it is going to hurt the banana when you appreciate mangoes….lol.

    Nice blog. Keep going.

    You already know it

    but let me share my views for people who dont know this- freedom of speech comes with a responsibility, this is also mentioned in the Indian Constitution. Views that are biased, partial have no right to get exposure. If you cant be responsible, done talk shit just because you have the medium.

  3. Indian May 10, 2007

    Rita: Its not just u who is unhappy, my replies were deleted too. I am not being allowed to post any comments because i just asked the author why she[if she is a lady] link it to islam when the news is about muslims but never link incidents to other religions like Nithari or the protests against Shilpa to hinduism…bang, i am banned . Just because my views did not suit communal Sakshi n Shadow. Surfing through i landed up here.How did u get here?

    By the way Arzan u write well, nice selection of topics

  4. Avi May 12, 2007

    though it isnt my religion being commented on,still i felt the communal attitude too. Dont worry brothers and sisters, a few communal people can do nothing by trying to malign a community.When people like the bloggers we are talking about make such posts, they show their real character and the environment in their houses/family.Most indians i feel are like me , so chill.

    Hey sorry Arzan we are talking about someone else, but your article was very yummyyyyyyyy! 😛
    Also, even UK has our indian mangoes in its stores now…. 🙂

  5. sanjiv parikh October 27, 2007

    we are exporeters fresh fruits & vegetabals.

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