Indians taking over the World

…or at least Charles de Gaulle Airport.

There are so many of them. All around. As I sit and surf away, waiting for an already delayed Bombay flight, I see so many Indians around. Who ever thinks that the Chinese are going to take over the world, need to think twice. I don’t see any Chinese folks around. Only Desis, and nearly all from India. Tamilians, Punjabis, Andhraites.

And as I turn around to keep an eye on my bag, I see two guys peering over my shoulder trying to read the Times Of India website headlines.

Its a small world eh !! Mera Bharat Mahaan.

But, But, But

Remember my observation from a few months ago ?? The one about no eye contact. Well it holds true. Tried and tested here. Sadly !



  1. what about other asians from french indo china.
    vietnamese, cambodians etc….did u see any of those.

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