Jet Airways Gets Closer to the USA

Jet Airways has been cleared by the Indian Government to start flights to the US. The only thing stopping you and me from jumping on a 9W USA is the clearance awaited from the US authorities. From what it seems, that should be in place in a few months.

The routes being considered are Bombay-Brussels-New York, Bombay-Shanghai-San Francisco and Bombay-Los Angeles.

Jet has already ordered long range Boeing aircrafts and is awaiting the first delivery in April 2007.

Way to go Jet. Will be good to see another Indian airline giving our Maharaja some company.



  1. Arzan:

    Ah, the 9w. You know what the quality of food has declined dramatically…

    I thought Jet was partnering with Virgin to fly to the USA.

    On a different note…their international customer service is not all that hot. Last year my husband and I wanted to fly from Bombay to London and were trying to book the ticket from the NY…boy, it was one gnarly experience. They did not make it easy for us to book and we eventually abandoned that quest.

    Hopefully this time around it will be a bit different..

  2. Jet coming in on this route will be awesome. Their Bom-Lon sector is doing fantastically well. Awesome top-of-the-line aircraft which have flat beds and more.

    Unfortunately, Bom-Sin isnt doing all that well primarily bcoz they fly some horribly ordinary equipment on that sector i.e. the Boeing 737’s (usual domestic planes, no personal tv’s etc).

    Now you wanna hear the fun stuff – Wait till Kingfisher comes in on the NYC sector. It will EAT up the competition, just as it is doing on the domestic front. Their First class is touted as something to be experienced. Can’t wait to be in NYC again.


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