Know your World Cup 2006

OK people. The World Cup 2006 is upon us. Here is a small quiz. Try to answer the questions. If you know them all, you are ready to be an official fan. If not, you should know the answers so that you can look cool when the office discussion moves to soccer !!

1. What is the name of the logo of this year’s World Cup Football?

2. Who is the chairman of the organising committee for this year’sWorld Cup?

3.How is ‘Teamgeist’ associated with the 2006 World Cup Football?

4.How many countries are going to debut in Germany World Cup? Namethem.

5.In respect of 2006 World Cup, what is the connection between theCroatia’s coach-Zlatko Kranjcar and midfielder- Niko Kranjkcar?

6.For the first time in this World Cup, any team can face thededuction of 3 points for what offence?

7. Fabio Canavaro, the Italian captain of this year’s World Cup,played which role in ‘Itaia-’90’ world Cup?

8.Nigerian Emeka Eujigo once played in India, was the only player whoappeared in the World Cup in 1994.Who is the second player is going tomake appear in this World Cupwho played in India?

9. As a coach, who is going to appear for the 3rd consecutive timesin this World Cup?

10. Ronaldo de Assis Moreiro………………… . Fill in theblanks with a footballer’s name.(Clue: His pet dog’d name is ‘bombom’.Recently cartoonist Mauricio de Souza made a cartoon-strip about thisfootballer !) :


. ‘GO-LEO VI’, the 18 year old lion.Here Go for goal, VI for 2006and 18 yrs. signifies the 18th edition of this tournament.

2. Franz Beckenbauer, the captain of the West Germany’s 1974’s WorldCup winning team and the Coach of the 1986’s runners-up and 1990’schampion team.

3. It is the official football from ADIDAS of this year’s World Cup.

4. 8(Eight).They are- Angola, Ghana, Ivory Coast,Togo, Equador,Ukraine, Trinadad & Tobago and Serbia & Montenegro.

5. In real life, they are father-son.

6. Racism.

7. Ball-Boy.

8. Former goalkeeper-Edward Ansa, the Ghanian Ast. Coach who playedfor Churchill Brothers in NFL.

9. Netherland’s Gus Hiddink.He trained Holland in 1998, South Koreain 2002 and Australia in this year’s World Cup.

10. Ronaldinhi Gaucho.