Let’s Get him a Cow

Everytime I think of something important, the thought is interrupted with another one.

This second thought interrupting the first thought is.

What is the infatuation between India’s leading blogger and the cow.

The man is crazy about cows. Anyone reading his blog knows that. And day in and day out he posts about cows and then reminds us of all the million or so posts he has done on cows….actually 64 at the last count.

I am sure that in prep school when we were all taught rhymes and songs, his favorite was

“Gaay Hamari Mata Hai, Aage Hume Nahi Aata Hai”

As the years went by, the parents hoped that the infatuation of their darling son and the bovine species will wither away like some childhood addiction or teenage fascination. But No ! It has only come to get worse.

And I wonder why ?? Me thinks it has something to do with the fact that the man was deprived of his cow.

If only his 6th birthday gift had been a cow, then we would have been reading something else on his blog.

Or the christmas gift he got in his stocking in 1976, should have been a cow ! Oh so many lost opportunities.

Do not get me wrong. I love the bovine related posts. More strength to the fingers that type them. But lets do something about the man and his missed chances.

Let’s get him a cow.

If enough of you show interest, and pledge a dollar (or 50 Rs) each, then I will arrange to get a cow delivered to India Uncut. if you are up for it, leave your name and amount in the comments.

Please be generous. This is all for a good “moo” cause.



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