Lunchtime Dilemma

Lunchtime in NYC is an especially busy and bustling time. Since we moved to our new office space on 6th @ 20th, it has become an everyday adventure to discover new lunch places. The choice is so large that I havent even covered 30% of the eating options in the two months that I have been here.

However, every eatery I go into, is damn crowded. This was never the case at my previous neighborhood joints in the East Village.

Here, the chains are the most crowded. There is a Chipotle and a Cosi on adjacent blocks on 6th Ave. And both are extremely crowded at lunchtime. Today, I waited for about 15 minutes to get a chance to place my order. The same is the case with Cosi.

What surprises me is how popular these chain restaurants are. They are not cheap. And they serve regular food with a unique twist.

There are a lot of mom and pop indi joints too, but not as crowded as these chains.

In a city that has so much variety and generally shuns big chains in any walk of consumerism (Walmart No Nooo !), this is a bit intriguing.

Since most of the people in these eateries are locals, does that mean that we as a population, are losing out our soul to consumer eating ??

Hope not.

Where did you have your lunch today ?


  1. Sakshi September 1, 2006

    Boss why you absent from the Silly Fest?

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